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Mon, Tues, Wed & Fri 8:10-2:30

Thursday 8:10-12:55

Grades 1st - 6th

Mon, Tues, Wed & Fri  8:10-2:40

Thurs 8:10-1:05

       Lunch Schedule
Grades Begins Ends
K-2 11:30 12:10
3-4 11:50 12:30
5-6 12:10 12:50



School Calendar

Today: 11/29/15

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President: Sara Gerber

1st Vice President - Programs: open

2nd Vice President - Membership: Deanna Rubino

3rd Vice President - Ways and Means: Elena Lawrence

Secretary: Patty Buffaloe

Treasurer: Lauranne Payne

Auditor: Mery Nunez

Historian: open

PTA funded Kindness Assembly (Garden Grove IMPACT uses problem solving skills)


Peaceful Playground is at Garden Grove!

Peaceful Playground is a playground system that is designed to put an end to most playground conflicts. Peaceful Playground teaches students important life skills using these six key principles:

  1. Teach ...more


SVUSD does not discriminate on the basis of age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnic group, race, ancestry, national origin, religion, color or disability in any program or activity. 



Bullying Definition-- The actions of a student are INTENTIONAL, REPEATED, and HURTFUL acts, words, or other behavior which occurs in a relationship where there is an IMBALANCE OF POWER.

Please know that the teachers and administration take "bullying" incidents very seriously.  And want to remind you that there is a difference between playground conflicts and "bullying".

Garden Grove's Got Talent


Important Dates

11/23-11/29-Thanksgiving Vacation

11/30-School Resumes


November Events

Key thought for November from the Principal

Attendance matters! Studies show that children who miss time in class (tardy and or absences) may struggle academically. Good attendance ups the chances of graduating!

Home Connection Projects- Your ...more

Champs at School (GROWL)

Get started with a positive attitude


Respect yourself and others


Offer kindness and encouragement


Work hard and be responsible


Listen and learn

Universal School Phrases

Bathroom: Go/Flush/Wash/Leave

Line Up Walking on Campus: Hair/Stare/Walk/Not Talk

Fire Drill: Silent/Calm/Walk/Sit/Listen

Buying Lunch: Wait/Get/Sit

Assembly-Check Your 5: Body/Brains/Eyes/Ears/Mouth

Leaving Lunch:  Get the OK/Trash or Tray/On Your Way/Then Play

Peaceful Playground: Walk/Talk/Rock,Paper,Scissors

Earthquake Drill: Drop/Cover/Hold

Dress Code: Plan before bed/check the rules/look in the mirror/leave for school

Dress Code: Check your shirt/check your shorts/check your shoes/ then cruise


Garden Grove is proud of the weekly classroom awards earned by students that exemplify the philosophy of Garden Grove IMPACT Academy. Student recipients are eligible for a monthly drawing to earn "Time with the Principal" and a "Golden Paw Spirit Stick".Students who demonstrate exemplar behavior in one of 4 categories weekly are able to earn a Golden Paw Award – Teachers will give tickets weekly, and students come to the office and put their ticket in the appropriate container. 



Classroom behavior

On A Roll- Academic

or Social Improvement



in the classroom or on



problem solving and

critical thinking skills

September 2015

Valentina Centeno

Room 6

Natalie Canton


Jaxon Mangum

Room 8

Easton Gerber

Room 7



Morgan Ramos

Room 15

Landon Parada

Room 16

Chase Hamilton Room 6

Ivan Ballina

Room 15



Caterina Navarro

Room 10

Casey Nunnally

Room 4

Dahlia Duarte

Room 4

Andy Reyes

Room 10



January 2016        
February 2016        
March 2016        
April 2016        
May 2016        


Every month one recipient from each of the four categories is randomly chosen to spend time with the Principal and they receive the Golden Paw Spirit Stick and their name on the web page. 


E Scripts

Support Garden Grove by joining the eScrip program and the Ralph's Community Contribution Program! These programs work with organizations benefiting youth programs.

All you have to do is sign up once and you're all set! IT DOESN'T COST YOU A THING and you can do it all online. Best of all, every time you use your Vons, Pavilions, or Ralphs cards, Garden Grove Impact Academy will receive a percentage of your total bill automatically. You never have to do a thing, except swipe those cards!

Follow the instructions below.


Existing Members: To enroll your Ralphs card, log into your account HERE. Go to your account settings and edit your COMMUNITY REWARD information - Under FIND YOUR ORGANIZATION search for 80194,it will return Garden Grove. Select it and SAVE.

New Members: Sign-up for a new Ralph's card account HERE. Register for a new account and fill out all the necessary information. Go to your account settings and edit your COMMUNITY REWARD information - Under FIND YOUR ORGANIZATION search for80194,
it will return Garden Grove. Select it and SAVE.


To enroll your Vons or Pavillions cards, click on the eScrip picture above or click HERE. When your browser opens select "Group ID" and enter 140067161 When "Garden Grove" comes up, click on it and follow the instructions.

Principal Feinstein

Principal Feinstein

Garden Grove Staff

Garden Grove IMPACT Academy


Math, Science, Art

Problem Solving


Critical Thinking




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