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6th Grade

NGSS Science

Gravity and Kinetic Energy-Waves

Chemical Interactions

Electromagnetic Force-Variables and Design

Planetary Science

Earth History

Weather and Water

Human Systems Interactions-Heredity and Adaptation

Populations and Ecosystems-Diversity of Life


copy paper, glue sticks, tape, baby wipes, and  card stock, are very much appreciated

6th Grade 

Welcome to a huge year for your sixth grader.  We really believe that the future of our world is in our classrooms today. What students learn this year may dramatically influence the future for your kid.  Sixth graders are ever changing inside and out.  Puberty happens to kids at different times, so watch out for the mood swings!  Your student has amazing opportunities for leadership, editing a school-wide newsletter, coding with robotics, and performing multi-step solutions to real-world math and science problems. As students read more complex texts, they are learning to speak, listen, and write more proficiently and persuasively. As you probably have seen, we have a front row seat to witness the engineering marvel of the construction of our state of the art new MPR building. 

School Supplies:

We have limited classroom supplies for students to share. Many parents have requested suggestions for supplies . 

Suggested Supplies:    A three ring binder (1.5-2 inches) and dividers with at least 5 tabs;  five spiral notebooks; pencils, erasers, glue, highlighters, markers.

Accelerated Reader Expectation:   One fiction and one nonfiction book read each month with at least a 70% comprehension score . Students should be reading 20 minutes nightly to meet these reading expectations.   Our  upper grade (grades 4, 5, 6, ) goal is 100 A.R. points by June 1st.