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6th Grade

NGSS Science

Gravity and Kinetic Energy-Waves

Chemical Interactions

Electromagnetic Force-Variables and Design

Planetary Science

Earth History

Weather and Water

Human Systems Interactions-Heredity and Adaptation

Populations and Ecosystems-Diversity of Life


copy paper, glue sticks, tape, baby wipes, and  card stock, are very much appreciated

6th Grade Projects/Homework & Classwork

It is difficult to believe our year together is over.  Please continue to read over the summer and have lots of safe, relaxing fun with your families!



August, 2019

Accelerated Reader Expectation:  2.0 non-fiction points or more & one fiction book read along with at least a 70% comprehension score for each student each month. Students should be reading 20 minutes nightly to meet these reading expectations.   Our  upper grade (grades 4, 5, 6, ) goal is 100 A.R. points by June 1st.