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Kindergarten News

We have had a wonderful year in kindergarten.  Our kindergarten students have truly come a long way.  We have introduced all the letters and sounds of the alphabet, taught the students how to count to 30 by 1's and to 100 by 10's, introduced 96 high frequency words, taught the students how to copy and to write, on their own, a complete sentence, learned about shapes, rhymes, cutting, gluing & how to color neatly, as well as, how to blend CVC words, the life cycle of a pumpkin, Penguins, the life cycle of a butterfly and we learned about the life cycle of plants and even grew our own plants at school. 

Thank you to our kindergarten families for all you have done and do for your children and to help support us at school.  We know that parents & teachers are a team, and when we work together, ALL the students benefit.  Thanks for helping to make this year a very special year and for your involvement and care.  We hope our kindergarten families have a terrific summer too and look forward to seeing you next year!!   


Mrs Hunt & Mr. Coleman