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SVUSD Teacher Since 1988
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Youth Leadership

Denise Aiani

Meet the Teacher

Meet the Teacher


My name is Denise Aiani and I live in Simi Valley with my husband Ray, my two grown college graduate daughters, and our crazy rescue pup, Fritz! I grew up in Ohio and have taught in Ohio and California. Teaching has been my life-long passion. 

I have a Masters degree in curriculum and instruction, and have taught for CLU and CSUN Universities in their teacher preparation programs. After 30 years in education, my heart is still in the classroom with students!

I engage students with Project Based Learning, stories from history and science, and often elaborate on content with music and stories about our pup Fritz! For example, a "preposition" is anywhere Fritz can run- (on the couch, under the couch, across the yard, behind the tree, etc.).

I feel blessed to help students take those important steps toward responsible adulthood and a lifelong love of learning. When teachers and kids are excited about learning, it is contagious!

Project Based Learning

Kids Teaching Kids Science Program

Womens History Coordinator for GG