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5th Grade

What Students are Learning

Students are moving away from: state, tell, memorize, list, label,  and toward more: design, connect, revise, analyze, create, prove, compare, investigate, draw conclusions, cite evidence, and how to develop a logical argument.

NGSS Science

Matter and its Interactions

Motion and Stability: Forces and Interactions


From Molecules to Organisms : Structure and Processes

Earth Systems and Earth's Place in the Universe

Space Systems

Ecosystems: Interactions, Energy and Dynamics

Earth and Human Activity

Water Cycle and Weather


Academic Vocabulary

Assess, calculate, circumstance, cite, complement, conclusion, consider, consistent, contrary, convey, correlate, criteria, critique, debate, depict, design, dispute, elaborate, eliminate, evaluate, excessive, explain, generalize, hypothesize,  identify,  Imply, influence,insert,  integrate, interpret, judgment, justify, model, method, organize, persuade,properties, represent, research, resolve, significant, simplify, specific

Digital Citizenship
  • Cyberbullying is repeated sending or posting of harmful messages, images, or videos about someone else using the Internet, cell phones, or other types of technology.
  • If a student believes they are being cyberbullied, the best first step is to step away from the computer or put the cell phone down, then tell a trusted adult (parent, teacher, etc.) what is going on.
  • If they can, don’t delete anything the cyberbully sent. They may need this as proof of what is going on.
  • If they know someone is being cyberbullied, help the person by encouraging them to talk to an adult. Tell the person being bullied that they care about them and want to help. Do not spread rumors. Tell the cyberbully to stop.


S- Step Away

T-  Tell a friend or trusted adult

O- Only visit approved sites

P- Pause and Think!

Homework: April 8-12

ROOM 15  (Aiani)  


Finish your Wax Museum Speech and memorize it.


Wax Museum Speech finished and memorized today.  Presented in class. About 1-2 minutes


Finish your Wax Museum costume; choose a prop; practice your mannerisms, voice inflection, and eye contact as you speak your speech.  Slow down!

F​​​inish your Wax Museum Board


Bring in your finished Wax Museum Board


Showtime-WAX MUSEUM at 900 a.m. and 9:30 a.m. in the Art room and Exploration room in the main Admin. building. Parents welcome!


 Wax Museum Reminders:

 Introduction: (Begin with a question or puzzling statement related to your person. Who, what, when, where, why, how)
 Early Life and Family; 
 Education, achievements, accomplishments; 
 Challenges, Hardships, Obstacles; 
Timeline of significant events in his/her lifetime. 
 Conclusion: Who does your person hope to influence in the future? What does your person hope will come of his/her efforts? How will their lives affect you and your family? Include a quote and what it means to you.


April 24 Reagan Library Field Trip (Dress well but comfortable. Bring a sack lunch. No Backpacks or lunch boxes allowed! You may bring money for the store. 8:10 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.) If additional parents attend they must drive themselves, pay their own entrance, and can tour the library but will not accompany us in the "situation room simulation".



ROOM 9 (Greenlinger/Horn):

Upcoming Tests/Quizzes: ​​​

  • Human Machine Unit Test -4/12


Upcoming Assignment Due Dates: 

    • Person selected and sources collected-3/13
    • Notes checked for completion- 3/22
    • Written Report DUE- 4/5
    • Museum Display board DUE- 4/11
  • Accelerated Reader Expectation-  due 4/18 
    • Fifth graders must read at least one non-fiction & one fiction book and pass quizzes with a 70% comprehension score each month.  The upper grade (grades 4, 5, 6,) goal is 100 AR points by June 1st.


HOMEWORK: (As assigned, and unfinished classwork is due the next day)




Tues.              Wed .   Thurs.             


Language Arts           


Wax Museum



Wax Museum Speech DUE




Wax Museum

Wax Museum Board DUE




Wax Museum 


Rdg 20 min Rdg 20 min Rdg 20 min Rdg 20 min Rdg 20 min








Social Studies









Human Machine Unit Test

















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