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Kindergarten in Spring!!

After Spring Break, the students will learn about the Life Cycle of a Chicken and we will read non-fiction books about chickens!  The students will also get an opportunity to hunt for some plastic eggs, then sort them by color and lastly, graph their eggs by color.  In Spring we also learn about the Life Cycle of a Flower and we plant our own flower seeds to watch them grown.  The students will be responsible for helping to water the plants and putting them out in the sun each day.  One of the most exciting things we learn about in Spring is the Life Cycle of Butterflies.  Each Spring our students get to watch little caterpillars grow & grow, then spin a chrysalis.  After a few weeks, our students will witness the miracle of change, when the butterflies hatch out of their chrysalises and fly around in their little net homes.  The culmination of this unit is when the students get to watch the butterflies leave their homes and fly away to look for some flowers to rest on. 

While we are doing all of these wonderful learning experiences, the students will continue with learning their high frequency words, simple addition, writing skills and so much more.  By the end of the school year, our kindergarten students will be gearing up for first grade.  There's a lot to do this Spring, and it's one of the most exciting times of the school year!!

The K Team Teachers